At Home or Office Bicycle Tuning

How it works:

Schedule An Appointment

You can reach us by phone, email, and through our easy to use booking app to schedule a consultation or service. One of our friendly technicians will call to discuss details and we’ll arrive promptly at an appointment time that works best for you. We’ll send a professionally trained bicycle technician to your specified location – we’re always ready to service your bike wherever the road or trail takes you within our operating territory. Before we turn any wrenches, one of our technicians will thoroughly inspect your bicycle and provide a detailed repair estimate for your review and approval.

Service Appointment


A friendly, professionally trained bicycle technician will arrive at the time and place designated when the appointment was scheduled. Upon your approval, we’ll get to work. Most repairs are completed within your specified service appointment window. No more waiting days for the Bike Shop to return your bike! Schedule a tune during your lunch break, and ride that same afternoon.

Ride Happy

At the completion of our visit your bike is tuned and ready to ride. We’ll provide you with a detailed repair receipt, showing exactly what services we performed and which parts were installed on your bike. We offer paperless billing and receipt options for your convenience and to further reduce our environmental footprint.

Single Speed Tune

$35per visit/per bicycle
  •   Includes:

    • Chain Tension Check
    • F/R Brake Adjustment
    • Bottom Bracket Check
    • General Nut and Bolt Check
    • Test Ride

Basic Tune

$50per visit/per bicycle
  •   Includes:

    • F&R Derailleur Adjustment
    • F&R Brake Adjustment
    • Drivetrain Lubrication
    • Tire Inflation and Inspection
    • Test Ride

Advanced Tune

$75per visit/per bicycle
  •  Includes Basic Service Plus:

    • F&R Wheel Truing
    • Drivetrain Degrease
    • Frame Wipe Down
    • Suspension Pressure Check


Elite Tune

$110per visit/per bicycle
  •  Includes Advanced Service Plus:

    • Bottom Bracket Service
    • F/R Hub Bearing Service
    • Headset Service
    • Full Bicycle Detailing