Streetside/Event Tuning Kits

Our Tuning Kits are bundled a-la-carte services designed to fix only what needs fixing and save you money!

Pick Any 2 Items | Only $25

Pick Any 4 Items | Only $45

Pick Any 6 Items | Only $60

Pick Any 10 Items | Only $90

Counts as One Item: 

Installation of Components

Installation of Accessories

Derailleur Adjustment

Brake Adjustment

Stem or Seat Adjustment

Minor Wheel Truing

Derailleur Hanger Alignment

Cable Replacement

Cable Housing Replacement

Frame Wipe Down

Counts as Two Items:

Spoke Replacement

Hub Overhaul

Chainring Installation

Wheel Replacement

Headset Overhaul

Crank Installation

Major Wheel Truing

Bottom Bracket Overhaul

Hydraulic Brake Bleeding

Mystery Noise Diagnosis

Counts as Three Items: 

Internal/E-Cable Routing

Spoke Tension Analysis

Tubular Tire Mounting

Rust Removal