Beginning this December, we’ll kick off the season with our Introduction to Bicycle Maintenance class, adapted from an established professional curriculum. This class will run approximately 3 hours, with 2.5 hours of instruction time. It will include informative lecture, hands on demonstrations, and offer incentivized pricing for our students on tools and shop supplies for the aspiring at-home mechanic.

We strongly feel that bicycle maintenance should no longer be an expensive mystery. Many shops charge for simple procedures that can be easily performed by someone at home, with a little knowledge and inspiration from a team of seasoned professionals! This course will cover bicycle component identification, proper drivetrain lubrication and cleaning techniques, flat tire changing – including how to patch a tube, and properly remove and install a tire. We’ll cover the proper use of quick-release skewers, and how to make sure your brakes work just as well as they did before you removed and replaced your wheel! You’ll never feel stranded while you’re out on the road or trail again.

Classes are available in two locations at this time:

Newtown, CT  –  Edmond Town Hall, located at 45 Main Street

Danbury, CT   –  Peacock Alley Office Suites (Burlington Coat Factory/Shop-Rite Plaza @ Exit 6), 1 Padanaram Road