Hi everyone!

We’ve been working behind the scenes to expand our product selection and we’re happy to announce a new direct dealer partnership with NOX Composites. NOX Manufactures amazing carbon wheels that rival and even outperform many of the well known industry brands. We’re starting off this season by offering 10% off their advertised retail pricing for our clients until Memorial Day. We’re happy to put together a detailed build estimate upon request, schedule a free consultation today. You can save even more if you opt for us to build your new wheels from scratch! 


Key NOX Wheel Technology (Quotes taken from their website):

UniWeave – This technology uses two unique carbon fiber fabric types to improve the strength,  stiffness, and overall durability of their wheelsets. “3K tow woven fabric is used to provide strength in areas where the rims are drilled (spoke holes, valve holes and nipple access holes). Unidirectional fiber layups provide the core rim strength. This unique construction method dramatically improves the strength and durability of the rim while providing the highest stiffness to weight ratio possible.”

RockGuard – “RockGuard is simple but quite effective: It’s a combination of extra material thickness and ideal surface fiber orientations to provide the maximum impact resistance. In the event of a hard rim strike (say your air pressure was way too low) the RockGuard rim bead is not only more resistant to surface damage but in the rare event of a surface crack, our lay-up minimizes the chance of delamination which keeps the crack from propagating and ensures that the rim maintains integrity so you can ride out.”

RockGuard HL – “The RockGuard HL system takes the same concepts from the RockGuard but takes it to the next level of strength by eliminating the bead hook.”

Anti-Burp Bump – “This technology serves two purposes. First, it helps you install a tubeless tire by increasing the bead diameter just outside the drop channel so the tire forms and air-tight seal easily and the air pressure is able to push it out into the bead seat. Secondly, once a tire is seated, the bump resists inward motion of the tire bead, making it less likely that the tire will ‘burp’ air during botched landings low-pressure riding.”


We’re stoked to carry NOX products. Please stay tuned for more news regarding Demo Wheels and our upcoming Community Ride Schedule!