Spinning Studio Maintenance and Repair

How it works:

Schedule an Initial Consultation

Our Initial Consultation Visit provides for an individual inspection and complete documentation of the condition of each unit in your studio, detailing the services and identifying maintenance part(s) required for repair. The Initial Consultation Visit also provides an opportunity to source repair parts in advance of the Overhaul Service date as needed.

Initial Overhaul Service

Mobile Bicycle Workshop returns shortly after the Initial Consultation to provide each unit in your studio with a complete “overhaul” repair, ensuring your clients have a great experience every time they go to class. We will provide your studio with a comprehensive logbook detailing the condition of each unit produced from the Initial Consultation Visit at this time.

For Each Unit Serviced, the Initial Overhaul Includes:

  • Major Flywheel Alignment
  • Chain or Belt Tensioning & Lube
  • Bottom Bracket Inspection
  • Pedal Retention Inspection & Lube
  • Lubrication of Frame Components
  • Resistance System Calibration
  • General Nut and Bolt Torque Check
  • Comprehensive Cleaning

Preventative Maintenance

At each Preventative Maintenance Visit, each unit is maintained to perform at the performance level achieved following the Initial Consultation and Overhaul Service dates. The individual unit condition and repair part(s) installed are comprehensively documented after each visit in the logbook provided to you at our Initial Overhaul Service for your convenience and records. Labor for future part installation is included in the pricing shown below.

Our Preventative Maintenance Program ensures the following:

  • Flywheel Alignment
  • Chain or Belt Tension
  • Bottom Bracket Performance
  • Pedal Retention Performance
  • Operation of Frame Components
  • Resistance System Calibration
  • General Nut and Bolt Fitment
  • Comprehensive Cleaning
For more information on our Spin Studio Maintenance Pricing, please call us at (800) 690-2107.